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That's what Stephen King called books.

I enjoyed my Christmas movie spreadsheets so much (which is a thing I meant to share about here, but didn’t, so now you know,) I started making book ones. I made two separate lists, but I think since I have a couple others in mind, they’ll all just end up as individual sheets under a Book List heading.

The first is ongoing mystery series I follow. Two are probably concluded, but I added them anyway, in hopes of more and to be tidy. I’m also probably going to start two more this year: Inspector Rutledge and Commissario Brunetti. I took a screenshot of the authors, Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.43.59 AM
and also of how the whole thing looks. Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.46.18 AMThis list is alphabetical by author’s first name, since it’s largely online reading, but also from used book stores.

The second is books I am reading/wish to read this year. That’s ordered traditionally since they’re more likely to come from the library. I might make other sheets for my reference books and textbooks, and cooking and gardening books, or etc.
Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.49.29 AM copy
I love buying books, but I have more books than shelves, currently, even though I gave away a couple hundred before our last move. It is not ever good to have more thing than places for thing. There are nine plastic bins in the basement full of books I couldn’t give up, and a couple of my bookcases are a little overcrowded.

Also, and this isn’t wholly unfortunate, I have much more reading eagerness than money, currently. So if I do buy some, they are from the used bookstore, where I trade others in for credit at the same time, only keeping books I’ll read again or that one of my daughters will want someday. This way, I spend very little, and don’t materially add to the collection.

As much as I like holding a book in my hands, and arranging them on shelves, collecting each series would take up far too much space. So I buy at full price books by nine or ten of the authors on this list for my Fire tablet, or at a discount through my Audible subscription. They take up no space, but I can enjoy them again if I like. The costs of those books range from 3.99 to 14.99, and books from the other series come from Kindle Unlimited or the library, or at a bargain price below 3.99. It’s not easy to average, but altogether with subscriptions and purchases, I spend about $30 a month currently to read whatever I like. If I need to reduce that further this year, well, we have two terrific library systems here. But reading is my favorite leisure pastime, so other cuts continue to come first.

This year, I set a goal to read at least two non-series books each week from contemporary authors, and those I’m finding strictly at the library. I’m seeking books that are not written in first person, super tired of that, and to ensure minimally good prose, I look to make sure the pages are not populated with the word “had.” I’m going to write a short review for each of them, and post them at Goodreads. They’ll encompass a broader variety of fiction, and likely include a few biographies and/or historical topics.