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A couple notes on the Watergate proceedings I've been watching following on a rewatch of All the President's Men, and some links. I started with contemporary CBS news coverage, then watched documentaries from various outlets. If you can watch only only, I'd go for the PBS program; it's the most self-contained, with many of the main players still alive; one of the interesting parts about watching several over time is getting multiple points of view. But the news reports are pretty interesting, and so is the 2014 revisit. And the 1992 doc is from a VHS recording and includes commercials.

Currently I'm working through a four part BBC series that is very in-depth. But that's for the obsessed or the completionist among us. 

From Samuel Dash (chief counsel for the Senate Watergate Committee:) “There was a false sense, I say false, from any objective point of view, of patriotism, of being the true Americans, they wore the little American flag in their lapels. They had no sense of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, they believed the dissent, people who might march and say things against the administration were subversive, were people who were unAmerican, rather than this is the very thing America’s all about, which is the right of the people to dissent.”

“We decided as a committee to sue the president for the tapes and we appeared before Judge Sirica, who was a very courageous judge during that time. John Sirica. And I remember that when the president’s lawyer, a very distinguished constitutional lawyer, began his argument, he said to the court, ‘The president, my client, wants me to argue that he is as absolute a monarch as Louis XIV, only four years at a time, and is not subject to the processes of any court in the land, quote unquote.’”

And here we are.

CBS News Watergate Special Report July 11, 1974

CBS Evening News segments from August 5-7, 1974

CBS News Coverage: The Resignation of President Nixon August 8, 1974 (long evening-long coverage) 

CBS Evening News August 9, 1974 (Ford sworn in)

Dark Days at the White House 1989 (1972-1974 footage) ABC

Watergate: The Secret Story  1992 CBS 

Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History 2003 PBS 

All the President’s Men Revisited 2014 Redford/Discovery