what a year this has been
it's pine borers, all right

The Lights in the Sky Are

Hey, I chose an apartment, the one I looked at the other day. It has two flaws for me; on the second floor and is farther from things rather than closer. But the second point is probably the reason it's not too expensive for the size and relative "niceness." I mean, also it has no pool, clubhouse, all that stuff which costs more but which I don't actually need. I will miss having a pool a whole lot, though, other than having to maintain it. 

I get to keep my books, I'll have space to paint and sew, and I expect I'll grow used to being somewhat isolated from commerce and so forth, ten minutes east of the eastern edge of things. I'll have a fine living room in which to watch the Cincinnati Symphony stream their concerts to a remote audience this season. 

The address is in the town I have tended to refer to as Meth Addicts for Trump, and I won't wholly repent of that, but I also won't bother with embarrassment over no longer having a "better" zip code. That would be very silly of me. There are nice people everywhere, and we all know Trumpism is a disease. 

The manager asked me if I wanted the one garage still available for $70 a month and I said, "No, not this year while I'm working out this New Way of Life," but I don't know if that will raise my car insurance? That's on the list of things to learn next week. It certainly won't raise it by that much, though. 

Oh! The other thing I wanted to mention is that the view from my new balcony features a pine tree which died this year; the maintenance man told me it was still mostly green at the beginning of summer, and now it's all brown, and they're cutting it down soon, and I felt romantic toward it, but I guess you can't have a big dead tree just standing out there in front of things, sigh...but why did it have to die?

(Here is a representation of the dead pine tree but not the actual specimen itself. I will try to check for pine borers on Monday when I sign the lease, to fully establish myself as the eccentric they'll all be getting to know soon enough.)
Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 7.58.28 AM