a tiny garden project

It's been such a crummy week, I don't even. 

But I got to do this little makeover. 

First, there's no true before picture, but there were two bushes that had grown together, with a twisted little shrub stuck into them, near a pretty butterfly bush. So I spent an afternoon digging up the miserable little shrub, and turning the bush wilderness back into two small bushes again. Then the guy I'm doing this for bought three little salvia plants and asked me to put them in, so then it looked like this:

So then I worked on it some more this week between gigundous bouts of rain, and now it looks like this, only better, because these aren't very good pictures at all.

Next there is a little garden I will be finishing at the back of the house. I cleaned it up last year while his wife Lisa, now deceased, watched and chatted with me. But it still needs some work to look prettier and be easier to maintain in the future.