Summer Blockbuster

What was your favorite movie of the summer?

I think I saw three movies this summer. I rate them purely on my looking-at-the-screen experience. 

Ironman 2: I had a great time! Will watch again. 

Toy Story 3: I had a great time! I was so impressed. Will own. 

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: I had a great time! I was so impressed. Will own.

Those last two have to be a couple of the best movies I've ever seen. 

QotD: Happy Father's Day/Dear Dad

What important life lesson did you learn from your father?

Everybody else drives too goddam fast.

Dear Dad,

It was great seeing you last year, though we didn't get to take you out one last time as we'd hoped. Everyone loved your stories and songs, and the time we shared. Livvy still can't hear that Bobby Darin song without tearing up. She turned 20 a couple days ago. We went to a wildlife refuge and she read all the tree descriptions in a hilarious Cockney accent, with color commentary. You'd have teared up laughing.

We wish we'd spent more time with you over the past few years, but we live so far away now; it was so hard to get back home. Now that you're gone there seems little reason to, I guess.

My brothers remember you with a less objective eye; they want to remember the fishing-and-basketball dad, not the one Mom had to drive home from the tavern all those nights. They remember her anger and sadness more than your drunkenness, but if truthful, they also remember that you weren't there a lot of the time when we needed you, and that neither of you prepared us very well for adulthood, too mired in your own concerns.

But they're not parents, as I am. I don't weigh the good stuff and the bad stuff; it was so long ago, and my life is my own to live. Being a parent is rewarding, but it's also incredibly hard. 

So, as I now turn the corner fully into middle age, I just want to thank you again for jazz and big band, for shushing me during the good horn parts, for showing me the pleasure of mixing paint, the difference between cherry and maple, walks with dogs (you'd love our new Shepherd Lab Archie, so much like our Shepherd Collie Monty Python back in Greenwood,) potato soup, antique school books, and taking life slowly, because most of the time there just isn't any good reason to be in a rush.

Part of our last conversation is here, audio is only passable, but it's all I've got.

QotD: Anywhere but Here?

Where would you really like to be right this second?

See previous post! Warmer than today, with sunshine, at least streaming through a window, possibly some water nearby, Italy, or it wouldn't really matter, a light sea breeze, simple but luxurious food and linens. 

QotD: Change for the Better?

We all have something we'd like to change about ourselves. Inside or out... what would you change if you could?

I'd cancel the mold-induced asthma and the arthritis in my spine. Probably fix my tragic teeth, as well, and while we're at it, I really hate what my chin does to my profile. 

But whatever. 

QotD: Tattoos

If you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be of and where would you get it? What's stopping you?

My skin is too lovely to mark up permanently.

10 or 12 years ago, I liked the novelty of tattoo pens; you could draw a symbol or picture on yourself as a sort of accessory of the moment. I wish that had remained a trend instead of permanent ink blotches on every other woman's ankle. 

QotD: Groundhog Day

In celebration of Groundhog Day, which day would you like to live again and again and again?

Wow, I don't remember a specific one at this time. I bet there was sex in it, though, and music and warmth and good food. 

QotD: iPad

Apple unveiled their new tablet computer, the iPad, yesterday. Will you be dishing out $499 for this much-anticipated gadget?

I can see desiring the 32gb one with 3G, which will be retailing for $729. For the way I use internet technology, it would be very useful and enjoyable to carry about. I don't have an iPhone, but have been wishing to take advantage of some of the features of one. However, the small size is prohibitive for me, and I rarely use the phone itself, so this would have all the features I'd like, with the addition of an ebook reader and a keyboard and screen size I could really enjoy. 

The Powerbook I use was bought second hand last summer for 400 dollars. And we got the kids a super cool almost new iMac last week for $849 from Apple, which includes the one year warranty and the opportunity to purchase Apple Care. So "dishing out" for a new product like this is something I wouldn't do unless some random money fell in my lap. But I would if I could.