Vox Hunt: Back In The Day

Show us a photo of you from when you were in grade school.

Here's me at 9, and 8, in school photos.

I don't know why someone didn't show me how to close my mouth over my teeth. They were so focused on getting me to smile, instead. Witlings. Anyway, I left the scan completely untouched--it's crooked because a careless kid did it for me. In the first picture, my mom had been sick with mononucleosis for many months--I think this is called glandular disease in Britain, something like that. Anyway, my dad cut my hair, badly, as you can see. Also, that top I'm wearing, (which we'd call a pinafore or jumper, completely different than either of those in Britain, again,) was one my mother made for me when I was 7. It was ankle length, made for a party. I wore it for several years, because I kept getting taller and taller, but no bigger around. In the 9 year-old photo, it was a short dress, and I wore it another year after that as a blouse-length smock. I just really liked it a lot.
The dress in the 8 year-old photo was also one of my favorites, and I believe it actually came to me used. It wasn't that I couldn't have new clothes; my mom was just very frugal, made many of my things, and wasn't averse to buying good pieces from thrift sales or consignment shops or whatever. I wore that dress with white clogs that had an ankle-strap.

I was always made fun of for my teeth. I had them straightened in my late teens, but they didn't stay straight. They're really unattractive now, difficult to care for, and I'm very unhappy about them. At least I know how to close my lips over them, though.

Vox Hunt: Shake It

Show us a Polaroid picture.

Some things to note, though. It has to be a url file name that ends in .jpg, .gif, or .png, so I don't think a Vox url will work. If you want to back up and do it again, you have to refresh the page. And set the angle to 0 degrees if you don't want a jaunty angle added to the picture. Then you, too, can recapture the glory of the days before digital technology rendered obsolete those poorly-exposed, soft-edged images bordered in white. Only better, because no Polaroid photo ever had as much clarity to it as this photo, shot with a medium-quality digital camera, using a night filter in bad lighting.

You can also do this with Photoshop, but my question is, why? I guess it's charming, or something. We still have a Polaroid camera around here somewhere, but the film has always been mad expensive.

Vox Hunt: Singalong Song

Audio: Share a song you can't help but sing along to.

Well, there's a zillion. I sing along to everything. I couldn't not sing along.

Here's one.

Peter Gunn (Max Sedgley Remix)
Max Sedgley & Sarah Vaughan

I would probably have also chosen "Forget Domani," by Connie Francis, but I did the dirty deed of buying that from iTunes so I can't share it here. I don't like buying songs from iTunes, but I was desperate for that one!

Vox Hunts and QotDs

I haven't really gotten the point of most of these this week. But while I am babysitting my computer charger, here's a little ketchup.

Favorite flavor of ice cream:

Chocolate Chip
Espresso Chip
Mint Chip
Cherry Chip

How many TVs in your house:


What modern book do you think will be read in high school by the next generation of kids:

She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
That bee one. You know, the one. Not the other ones.

My phone, which was my birthday gift from LP:

My closet, which is a coat closet. I don't have many clothes, but most of them are in a dresser. They are also mostly solid colored, in the winter palette, or black or tan.

And there you go. I'm at 73%, and can move on to other things. Perhaps later I'll write something to share.

Vox Hunt: Summer Reading List

Books: Show us your summer reading list.
Submitted by marvel is my pen name.

I did used to make those...it's been awhile.

Number one, of course, is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

In addition,

  • I want to finish Going Postal and Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett
  • Whatever my daughter brings home in the YA and light SciFi genres
  • I'd like to hunt down some out-of-print Rex Stouts that I haven't read in years. I think I have all the latest reprints, but there are more that weren't brought back.
  • I'll also likely run through Sayers and Wodehouse again, and a Trollope or two...
  • Oh! I would very much like to read The Murder Ballad, the second novel by that illimitable Voxer, Jane Hill (She also has a new one coming out later this year; as ever, published in the U.K. first.)

  • However, I have been working on several different pieces of writing of my own. If I do not finish one of them this summer, I will drown in tears of hopelessness come September, so I cannot extend the list to include many new entries; after all, I have at least one more year of homeschooling for which I'll need to prepare, and that takes up a goodly amount of time each August.